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Roland Seto was born and raised in Los Angeles. He went to U.C. Berkeley to become a physicist and to be a radical. He left with an architectural degree and a great distrust of Berkeley radicals. (Note: mathematic skills are, surprisingly, very important in physics).

Soon after graduating from Berkeley, Mr. Seto tried his hand as an architectural assistant and found the fragile egomaniacal personalities in the architectural field to be exhausting and unbearable. He decided that his creative energies were much better served in the fine art world, where he’d be immersed in the strong, healthy, and positive personalities that are fostered in rejection and poverty.

Mr. Seto tried his hand at painting and found himself at Cal Arts, only to discover that he wasn’t a painter. He decided he was an object-maker and sought his fortune creating art installations. He had been told the market for art installations was very lucrative. He left Cal Arts, having spent much time under the direction of Martin Kersels, with a BFA and an MFA. He continued his education and art development working as an assistant for many Los Angeles area artists, including Martin Kersels, Richard Jackson, Andrea Bowers, and Liz Young. Roland Seto developed a good working relationship with the Pasadena Armory and had several exhibitions at the Armory Northwest spaces. He has exhibited in various group shows over the last five years and has partaken in several art benefit auctions. He will have a solo exhibition in the Fall of 2010 at The End Project Space in Los Angeles.